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After the famous hand shake that started the Mount Vernon Classic Car Club, neighbor Willie “Joe” Brown went on a quest to find his own classic. The year was 1982. He searched high and low. Then one day he got a tip that there was a 1960 Ford Thunderbird for sale by a local Mount Vernon family.

He called to inquire about the automobile. The Andrews family, who owned the classic, insisted that he come by their place so they could meet and conduct an interview. That’s right folks I said “interview”.

The interview lasted about 2 to 3 hours. They grilled Joe Brown on everything from who would drive the car to what color socks he likes to wear. Even the family dog got in on the act by hollering and barking at Joe's every move. Finally, Mr. Andrews stopped the interview and asked him to put on his coat and take a ride. Joe said “where are we going?” Mr. Andrews responded “your place to see where you want to keep old gal”. As they left Mr Andrew's home you could hear that damn dog howling in the background again, “Oowwwwwooo!"

When they arrived at Joe’s home, Mr. Andrews quickly went to overlook the garage area. Once he was satisfied with what he saw he gave Joe the thumbs up. “I'm gonna give you my vote to buy old gal” said Mr. Andrews. "But, you understand she is like a part of our family. And I still have to convince my wife and kids to sell her to you....especially that damn dog!" Both men just laughed.

Mr. Andrews was able to convince his family to sale old gal to Joe. But, there was one condition. Joe had to promise to bring her back by their home after she was done. Of course Joe readily agreed.

After a couple of years of restoration work, Joe kept his promise. He hung his youngest daughter's baby shoes from the rear view mirror for luck. Then he drove old gal over to the Andrews home. The sight of old girl restored back to her glory brought tears of excitement to the Andrew family members. Even their dog ran around in circles, barking and hollering with excitement.

So there you go folks another story on the beginnings of the Mount Vernon Classic Car Club of New York. Owwwoooooooooooooooo!!... S hut up...Damn Crazy Dog!