A Classic Car Club
with SOUL!!!

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Club Membership Rules


New Applicants

  • Applicant must be 18 years or older
  • Applicant must have a classic automobile 25 years or older. Vehicle should be in good working order.
  • Applicant must fully complete, sign membership application form and submit a one time application fee of $50. Application fee is fully refundable if membership is not accepted.
  • Applicant must spend a full car season with club members at car show or events to get to know members before membership consideration
  • Applicants and their vehicle must be voted on by club members.

Active Members

  • New members must complete a 1 year probation period
  • Club meetings are held the first Friday of every month. Meetings are helded 9 months out of the year - Sept thru May.
  • Dues of $150 per year for new members & $100 per year for members in club 2+ years.
  • Active members must attend a minimum of 3 club events. Members are encourage to attend events with their classic vehicles.