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It all started with one man, Mr Frank Pringle, who spotted a 1956 Chevy Belair stacked five cars high in an Oklahoma state junk yard. He purchased the automobile and towed her back to Mount Vernon, New York in 1980. The automobile was nothing but a shell. It had no engine, transmission or much of anything else.

Frank's friends and neighbors laughed and shook their heads in disbelief. He had to endure comments like: "Hey man, what you gonna do with that piece ...of junk?!" and "Frank, looks like your car lost a little weight!" But Frank just ignored them because he was determined to get his classic automobile back on the road.

Frank worked long and hard on his car for many months. After about a year of working on his labor of love, he was finally ready to show her to the world. So, the first thing he did was to take his newly rebuilt automobile for a slow ride around his South 6th Avenue neighborhood. His friends & neighbors could not believe their eyes.

They all gathered around him pointing and scratching their heads in disbelief. Frank could hear the whispers of the gathering crowd: "That's not the same piece of junk he brought back to New York...is it?" "Naw man it can't be?! That car is too pretty!" Then one of his neighbors got the courage to step through the crowd to reached out and shake Mr Pringle's hand. "Frank my man, how can I get my hands on one of those?" Frank just replied with a smile. And with that hand shake of approval, the Mount Vernon Classic Car Club of New York was born